Case Study - Colorado Coatings

Redefining Local Reach: Colorado Coatings' SEO Transformation

Client Profile: Small Business

Location: Montrose, Colorado

Service Type: Local SEO, Maps SEO, Website Optimization

Duration: 1.5 Months

Business Name: Colorado Coatings

Key SEO Challenges: New competitor with a keyword-rich business name impacting visibility

Solutions Provided: Strategic Local SEO, Google Maps SEO, Website Optimization

Photo showing the Colorado Coatings shop in Montrose, Colorado

Laying a New Foundation in Montrose

In the competitive landscape of Montrose, Colorado, Colorado Coatings, a burgeoning small business, faced a significant challenge. A new competitor with a keyword-rich business name was dominating search results, overshadowing Colorado Coatings’ online presence. The goal was clear: increase phone calls, service requests, and establish a strong local market presence.

Strategizing Against a Keyword Powerhouse

Confronted with the task of boosting visibility against a competitor leveraging their name for SEO, Crank! Local deployed a strategic Local SEO and Maps SEO campaign. This multi-faceted approach was aimed at enhancing Colorado Coatings’ online footprint, not just within Montrose but also in the broader search landscape.

Coating the Competition: A Surge in Rankings

The efforts yielded dramatic results. Colorado Coatings rapidly ascended to the #1 spot for critical keywords, including “spray-in bedliner near me”. This surge in rankings paralleled an increase in leads, fueling business growth and outreach.

Image showing Colorado Coatings ranking highly for the keyword "spray-in bedliner near me"

A Glossy Finish: Client Testimonial

The transformation was profound, as eloquently expressed by the client: “What they have done with our brand and company has been absolutely phenomenal. They’ve made it to where we have quadrupled sales, reached markets that I’ve never been able to dream of, and have absolutely taken us to the next level. If you want to do yourself and your company a serious solid contact me, or them to get set up. Promise you won’t regret it. Thank you for everything you do for us!!”

The Crank! Local Impact

Crank! Local’s expertise not only challenged but overcame the inherent advantage held by the competitor, setting a new standard in local SEO efficacy. The success story of Colorado Coatings showcases how strategic SEO can elevate a business beyond its apparent online limitations, solidifying its position as a leader in the local market.

Colorado Coatings’ journey with Crank! Local is a vivid demonstration of how targeted Local SEO strategies can lead to a significant increase in business visibility, customer engagement, and sales, even in the face of stiff competition.