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Matt Lubbes

An photo of Matt Lubbes, the owner and founder of Crank! Local SEO.

About Matt Lubbes: The Driving Force Behind Crank! Local SEO

From flipping pizzas to flipping the script on Local SEO, my journey has been nothing short of a fascinating adventure. As a former owner of pizza restaurants, I was immersed daily in the world of local marketing, sparking a passion that eventually led me to establish Crank! Local SEO.

Starting this company stands as one of my proudest achievements. It embodies my commitment to providing personalized, results-driven service to local businesses. At Crank! Local SEO, we don’t just offer generic solutions; we dive deep into the unique challenges and opportunities of each client, ensuring tailored strategies that truly make a difference.

My focus areas, local SEO and maps optimization, stem from an understanding of what truly drives local businesses – visibility and connection with the community. Staying at the forefront of SEO is a commitment for me. I’m constantly connected to the latest trainings and updates, ensuring Crank! Local SEO not only keeps up with the evolving digital landscape but also leads the charge.

The most rewarding part of my work? It’s the satisfaction of seeing our clients thrive. There’s a special kind of joy in witnessing a local business break new ground online, knowing that our collaborative efforts have paved the way for their success.

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